Pet Dog Products OEM Introduction

COSSET is located in the R&D and manufacturing of medium and high-end pet food and supplies, and uses the most advanced double-helix puffing equipment and manufacturing

Expanded process product series

⌾ Product process is safe and stable, high temperature puffing to kill pathogenic bacteria
⌾Special Melad reaction, unique flavor and taste, improve palatability.
⌾Negative pressure vacuum spraying, locking the nutrient

Fresh meat slurry process product series

⌾Retain the safety and high palatability advantages of puffed cat food.
⌾Lock the nutrients of fresh meat into the expanded cat food.
⌾High proportion of fresh meat added

Fresh Meat Enzymatic Process

⌾ Retains the safety and high palatability of expanded cat foods
⌾Fresh meat is enzymatically digested into amino acids and small peptides to improve digestion and absorption.
⌾High proportion of fresh meat is added to lock the nutrients of fresh meat into the puffed food.

How to customize?

COSSET provides customized service for pet food, support OEM&ODM, the following is the customization process

Demand Confirmation and Communication

Conduct detailed demand confirmation and communication with each other to understand the customization needs of the pet food, including the type of pet food, taste, nutritional needs, packaging requirements, etc.

Formula design and evaluation

Based on the customer's needs, we design a pet food formula that meets the requirements and conduct an internal evaluation. This includes selecting appropriate raw materials, determining the ratio of nutrients, etc. to ensure the safety and nutritional balance of the food

Sample Production and Testing

Based on the formula design, samples are produced for customer testing. The samples should meet the customer's requirements and undergo strict quality control and safety testing.

Modification and Improvement

According to customer's feedback and test results, we will modify and improve the samples to meet customer's requirements. Until the customer is satisfied.

Contract signing and production

The samples are finalized, the formal contract is signed, and mass production begins. During the production process, the contract requirements are strictly followed and quality control and hygiene standards are ensured..

Packaging and Delivery

After the production is completed, we will pack according to customer's requirements and arrange logistics for product delivery.


About COSSET Pet Factory, May Want To Know.

The raw materials used in the COSSET pet food factory all meet the requirements of safe and healthy pet food industry standards, and the supply chain of all food raw materials can be traced.

COSSET has its own scientific and nutritious pet product formula system, and can produce according to the formula provided by customers to meet the health needs of pets.

Our pet food has developed an attractive taste and texture through the adjustment of the R&D department and market feedback data, so as to increase consumers’ preference for the product and desire to buy; at the same time, through a professional production system to ensure that all product batches of palatability.

COSSET pet food has a full range of product production lines to meet the needs of pets of all ages.

Regarding packaging, we can help design or use the packaging appearance provided by you to ensure that you can make your brand stand out in the competitive market through an eye-catching appearance.

Our products are formulated in a variety of specifications, from protein content to meat content, as well as vitamin content for other nutritional needs, you can choose freely.

Our pet food factory has our own scientific research team and our own pet testing field to ensure the continuous innovation and R&D capabilities of pet products to meet the needs of the market.

Our factory currently has an annual supply capacity of 35,000T, and it is expected that the annual output value will reach 150,000-200,000T in 2025, so as to ensure that sufficient products can be supplied in time to meet market demand.

They expressed concern about whether pet food manufacturers can accurately grasp market trends and consumer needs so that they can adjust product strategies and launch new products in a timely manner.

Our factory regularly provides effective international market industry analysis data and product training to help brand owners sell their products better.

We value our partnerships with dealers and brands in order to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships and jointly promote business development.

We have established a good food quality communication system to obtain consumer feedback on products in a timely manner, and to make timely improvements and optimizations.

Support all pet food OEM&ODM

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