About COSSET Pet Food / Supplies OEM

About COSSET Pet Food / Supplies OEM

Dear Customer:

Welcome to our website about our pet food/ supplies OEM factory! We are a comprehensive enterprise specializing in research, development, production, processing, and sales of pet food/toys. We provide one-stop OEM services for pet food/toys manufacturers. 

With our rich industry experience, advanced fully automated intelligent production equipment, and strict quality management system, we always adhere to the business philosophy of “providing first-class OEM services for global brands” and strive to create the most high-quality and safe pet food for our customers.

I. Powerful R&D

Pet Nutrition Research
Raw material testing
Health indicator testing
Microbial colony detection
Raw material batch flow rate

Our R&D team consists of experienced pet nutritionists, veterinarians, food engineers, etc. We keep up with international trends in pet food research and development and constantly introduce new products. We provide customized pet food formulas based on different pet breeds, ages, weights, and living habits to ensure the nutritional balance and taste of the products.

II. Advanced Production Equipment

Raw material receiving system

Annual output value of 35,000T, year-round stocking 2000T, to meet the customer spot OEM and OEM brand customization.

Raw material receiving system​

Dosing System

Intelligent proportional dosage system, strictly control the proportion of dosage.

Dosing System ​

Crushing and mixing system

Intelligent crushing and mixing system, fine control of crushed particles and mixing mode.

Crushing and mixing system​

Expansion System

Refined spraying cooling system, precise locking of food nutrients to prevent loss.

Expansion System​

Drying System

Sealed aseptic drying system, dryness and humidity detection system

Drying System​

Spraying Cooling System

Refined spraying cooling system, precise locking of food nutrients to prevent loss.

Spraying Cooling System​

Finished product packaging system

Aseptic automated finished product packaging to prevent product contamination

Finished product packaging system​

We have advanced 4.0 intelligent industrial production equipment and strict quality management systems. From raw material procurement to production and processing, every link is strictly controlled to ensure the safety and hygiene of the products. We adopt advanced technologies such as high-speed stirring and vacuum rolling to make the products have a good taste and palatability, providing your pets with delicious food.

III. Rich Product Line

Our product range covers dry food, wet food, canned food, etc. We can customize unique pet food formulas according to customer needs to meet the nutritional needs of different stages of pets. In addition, we provide one-stop services such as packaging design and label printing to help you easily own a brand of pet food.

oem pet food

IV. High-Quality After-Sales Service

We promise to provide comprehensive after-sales service to our customers, from product consultation, order processing, logistics delivery to after-sales feedback, we will wholeheartedly serve you. If you encounter any problems in the process of OEM or use, our professional team will provide solutions at any time to ensure that your interests are protected to the maximum extent.

V. Partnership and Customer Cases

We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known pet food brands and our products are exported to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other countries and regions. Our customers include pet brand owners, pet stores, e-commerce platforms, agents, etc., winning wide market recognition and customer praise.

Thank you for taking the time to understand our pet food/toys OEM factory. We look forward to establishing long-term and stable cooperation with you to work together for the health and happiness of pets! If you have any questions or requirements, please feel free to contact us, and we will serve you wholeheartedly!


About COSSET Pet Factory,May Want To Know.

The raw materials used in the COSSET pet food factory all meet the requirements of safe and healthy pet food industry standards, and the supply chain of all food raw materials can be traced.

COSSET has its own scientific and nutritious pet product formula system, and can produce according to the formula provided by customers to meet the health needs of pets.

Our pet food has developed an attractive taste and texture through the adjustment of the R&D department and market feedback data, so as to increase consumers’ preference for the product and desire to buy; at the same time, through a professional production system to ensure that all product batches of palatability.

COSSET pet food has a full range of product production lines to meet the needs of pets of all ages.

Regarding packaging, we can help design or use the packaging appearance provided by you to ensure that you can make your brand stand out in the competitive market through an eye-catching appearance.

Our products are formulated in a variety of specifications, from protein content to meat content, as well as vitamin content for other nutritional needs, you can choose freely.

Our pet food factory has our own scientific research team and our own pet testing field to ensure the continuous innovation and R&D capabilities of pet products to meet the needs of the market.

Our factory currently has an annual supply capacity of 35,000T, and it is expected that the annual output value will reach 150,000-200,000T in 2025, so as to ensure that sufficient products can be supplied in time to meet market demand.

They expressed concern about whether pet food manufacturers can accurately grasp market trends and consumer needs so that they can adjust product strategies and launch new products in a timely manner.

Our factory regularly provides effective international market industry analysis data and product training to help brand owners sell their products better.

We value our partnerships with dealers and brands in order to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships and jointly promote business development.

We have established a good food quality communication system to obtain consumer feedback on products in a timely manner, and to make timely improvements and optimizations.

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