D-45 Grain Free Fresh Meat Enzymatic Complete Dog Food

The product has been tested by CTI and complies with the Chinese Nutritional Standard for Pet Staple Food.

D-45 is a grain free fresh meat enzymatic complete dog food

■ it contains 45% rich protein and 18% low allergenic carbohydrates, and provides sufficient protein and digestive energy according to the nutritional needs of dogs at all stages of the whole breed

■ it contains 35% fresh meat and 45% meat products, of which fresh meat (refrigerated, without preservatives) or fresh meat (rapidly frozen, without preservatives) is used by enzymatic hydrolysis. The meat products are low-temperature and mild dehydrated meat and fat, which constitute the main source of protein and fat

■ provide 13 additional natural ingredients of fruits and vegetables, as well as 3 prebiotics, which are helpful for the dog’s gastrointestinal, urinary, vision, immunity, blood antioxidant, bacteriostasis, etc

■ based on gb/t, affco, fediaf and other nutritional indicators, the product is scientifically fed after being tested by a third party to ensure the safety of the product in the production process

Product Description​​

Ingredient content​

More than 80% meat and its products

● Enzymolysis of fresh meat 35%
● boneless chicken meat powder 34%
● Chicken oil 4%
● Enzymatically hydrolyzed chicken 3%
● Chicken liver powder 3%
● Butter 1%

① 35% enzymatically hydrolyzed fresh meat [30% enzymatically thawed fresh chicken, 5% enzymatically thawed fresh chicken liver]

② 45% meat products [34% boneless chicken meat powder, 4% chicken oil, 3% enzymatically hydrolyzed chicken, 3% chicken liver powder, 1% butter]

Raw materials can be traced

① Raw materials come from leading enterprises in relevant industries
② Multiple inspection links and necessary inspection procedures

Nutrient-rich recipes

① 13 kinds of fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients are helpful for the intestines and stomach, urinary tract, vision, immunity, blood antioxidant, bacteriostasis, etc. of dogs

② Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall & yucca extract &3 prebiotics, which are helpful for the intestines, stomach and immunity of dogs

③ 13 kinds of mineral elements and 12 kinds of vitamins provide indispensable help for the health and metabolic balance of the dog’s joints and hair

Scientific fit

① Suitable calcium phosphorus ratio

② Suitable matching of animal and plant raw materials

③ Suitable dietary fiber matching

④ 0 grains reduce gastrointestinal burden, 0 food attractants reduce pet anxiety

Third-party inspection and feeding analysis report

① Samples were tested by third-party institutions such as China testing, pony testing and SGS

② Feeding in self owned dog farms and cooperative kennels of third parties to further ensure the stability of product quality

Composition Analysis​

Raw material composition

Meat and its products 80%

Boneless chicken meat powder (34%), enzymatically thawed fresh chicken (30%), enzymatically thawed fresh chicken liver (5%), chicken oil (4%), enzymatically hydrolyzed chicken (3%), chicken liver powder (3%), butter (1%)

Fruits and vegetables, soy products and others

Sweet potato flour, potato flour, cassava flour, beet pulp, dehydrated tomato, dehydrated carrot, dehydrated kelp, yeast cell wall (1%), dehydrated broccoli, dehydrated pumpkin, dried pear, dried cranberry, dried blueberry, dried apple, chrysanthemum, chicory root powder

Additive composition

Amino acids and immune support

L-lysine, DL Methionine

Vitamins and retinoids

Vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3, dl-a-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), thiamine nitrate (vitamin BI), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin, d-Calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamins BS), d-biotin, folic acid, cyanocobalamin (vitamin BZ), choline chloride

Trace elements and minerals

Calcium hydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, ferrous sulfate, basic copper chloride, manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate, potassium iodate, sodium selenite, glycine copper complex (chelate), methionine manganese complex (chelate), methionine iron complex (chelate), amino acid zinc complex

Prebiotics and Natural Ingredients

Fructooligosaccharides, mannooligosaccharides, natural steroids saponiflorin (from Yucca), natural lutein (from Marigold)

Source of nutrients

Meat, Fat & Offal

Chicken: Rich in protein and fat, providing sufficient energy
Chicken oil :Provide essential fatty acids
Enzymatically hydrolyzed chicken :Amino acids and small peptides, promote gastrointestinal absorption and improve flavor
Chicken liver powder: Taurine, vitamins and their derivatives, protect vision
Butter: Vitamin A and vitamin E, protect vision

Other Sources of Nutrients

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Fruits and vegetables and sources of dietary fiber

Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall: Induce immune training, enhance immune response, and produce lasting immune protection
Mannan oligosaccharides: Interfering with the colonization of intestinal pathogenic bacteria and regulating the intestinal microenvironment
Yucca: Steroid soaps and polyphenols regulate the intestinal microenvironment
Marigold: Natural lutein, prevent aging
Chrysanthemum: Natural flavonoids, clearing heat and improving eyesight
Juying: Water-soluble dietary fiber increases intestinal beneficial bacteria

Nutrient Combination Efficacy

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